Tripoli, Lebanon


With hundreds of old monuments, a historic port and railroad, a large fairground and a resilient people, Tripoli should be a bustling center of trade and tourism.

Instead, the pride of the city, the St. Gilles castle, is now occupied by soldiers keeping watch over the neighborhoods of Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen which were the scene of deadly clashes in the past years betw

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We Love Tripoli

Today, there are several initiatives that aim to bridge gaps and create opportunities for dialogue.

One unique initiative is We Love Tripoli – one of the largest online communities in Tripoli – started out in 2007 as a Facebook group of youth from different religious and political backgrounds who wanted to “change Tripoli’s image as an extremist-driven and violent ci

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We Love Network

The first “welove” community was created in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 2009, by civil society member Taha Naji.

Mr. Naji was one of the consultants and trainers during a May 2011 capacity building workshop organized by the Foundation for the Future and IREX in Tunis, and this was the occasion to present the ‘welove’ concept to young Tunisian civil society activists.


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We Love

Enabling youth to lead the change in their cities through organized volunteer work.

Objective 1Youth Mobilization

Mobilizing youth to join efforts and act for their city. Read More >

Objective 2 Youth Development

Developing youth-led volunteer groups with the necessary skills and knowledge. Read More >

Objective 3 Youth Empowerment

Empowering youth-led volunteer groups with the welove assets. Read More >

We love Bizerte

We love Bizerte الزملاء في نحن نحب بنزرت ضمن برنامج زمام المبادرة على قناة الجزيرة [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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الحملة المدنية لحماية شاطئ الميناء

كلمة الحملة المدنية لحماية شاطئ الميناء خلال اعتصام نهار السبت في الميناء 2016/11/26 من شاطئ الميناء الى الرملة البيضاء الوجع واحد، والحملة واحدة، من أجل حماية حق المواطن اللبناني في بحره وشاطئه وبرّه وهوائه. هناك من يستكثر علينا أن يكون لنا هواء نظيف وشاطئ نظيف وبحر يتسع لكل الناس، بعد أن استكثروا علينا أن يكون […]

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Activist Lab Boot Camp

From 30 September till 3 October 2016, We Love Tripoli organized the Activist Lab Boot Camp, that addressed the issues of Public / Common Space and Development in Tripoli, Lebanon. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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طرابلس كانت ورح تبقى عاصمة الثقافة.. شاركونا بعد أسبوع لنحتفل بأول مهرجان ثقافي بمشاركة شباب وأهل طرابلس ونرد لطرابلس صورتها الحقيقية! يومي السبت والأحد في 22 و23 تشرين الأول من 6 إلى 9 مساءا في مقهى “قهوتنا” الثقافي، شارع سوريا يرجى تأكيد الحضور لأي من اليومين أو كليهما قبل 17 تشرين الأول على: 03003308 أو […]

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#CulturalBlast #TripoliLovesArt #October22 #فجر_مواهبك MARCH [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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Live at We Love Tripoli [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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مباشر من مركز نحن نحب طرابلس: التحضيرات للمعرض اليوم الساعة ٦ [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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